(VAN) Durian trees in Dak Lak are constantly expanding, and in the near future this province will have the largest durian area in the country.

Within the framework of the durian festival on the morning of September 2, the Krong Pac District People’s Committee, Dak Lak province held a workshop to promote investment and develop sustainable agricultural products in Krong Pac district in 2022.

Plenty of potential for agricultural development

At the workshop, Mr. Dinh Xuan Dieu, Chairman of Krong Pac District People’s Committee said that the district has 28,898 hectares of perennial crops, and 34,449 hectares of annual crops.

The district boasts several key crops including coffee, durian, pepper, banana, wet rice among many others. Most notably, durian trees are grown on a large scale, intercropped with the coffee growing area. The area for durian was initially 800 hectares, it has then expanded to nearly 4,000 hectares with an output reaching over 45,000 tons annually.

Krong Pac district has called for investment in some projects that have been put into effective operation such as: Leather shoe, renewable electricity factory; banana production farms, livestock farms, purchasing, preliminarily processing and packaging facilities for agricultural products. Namely, the district has nearly 70 facilities that handle the purchasing, preliminarily processing and packaging of durians for export.

The district has ample strengths and potentials that have received little investment and attention such as: agricultural product processing industry, frozen product preservation, tourism services, crop production, husbandry, trade, investment in urban infrastructure,  and so on. The district welcomes and commits to accompany as well as create the most favorable conditions for businesses and investors inside and outside the province to study, survey, set up investment projects, purchase and export agricultural products to promote production and business along the value chain; invest in industries, fields and areas in which the district has competitive advantages and distinct potential.

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